The truth about Mainstream Nutrition


Dr. Mercola published an article on the misconceptions that are spread through mainstream nutrition. I would like to further elaborate on this as I have many clients who express concern surrounding these issues.


Mainstream nutrition has created many trends that have been damaging to our health, including low fat diets, using artificial sweeteners, substituting soy milk, etc.


1) “Saturated fats will lead to heart disease. “Consuming coconut oil that is high in saturated fat is actually beneficial to your health.  Healthy fats that are found in coconut based products will help lower you bad LDLs and raise your good HDLS, and contribute to brain and heart optimal health.  Coconut oil is great to use both topically and to cook your favorite piece of fish or omelet.


2) “Eating fat will make me fat.”  I hear this day in and day out.  Will eating an avocado and all those nuts make me gain weight.? The healthy fats that are found in these foods will not add on the pounds.  It is the increased consumption of processed goods that are high in trans fats and sugar.  Choose the guacomole over the low fat cookies.


3) “Artificial sweeteners help you to lose weight.”  I was once that girl who drank diet dr pepper or diet snapple daily, until I learned the dangers.  Not only are these sweeteners carcinogenic, they actually cause your insulin levels to spike, causing you to consumer more sugar sweetened products.  Stevia is a safe non caloric sweetener that does not have this effect.


4) “Soy is a health food.” Contrary to popular belief, unferemented soy including soy milk, tofu, soy cheese has been linked to digestion, immune, thyroid, and reproductive issues.  Most soy crops are genetically modified.  Fermented soy is a safer option such as tamari.


5) “Eggs will raise my cholesterol.”  Stop eating just the egg whites!!  The whole egg is one of the healthiest foods you can eat and will not raise your cholesterol.  Research has shown it may help lower it.  Check out for a great vegetable frittata.


6)  ” I need milk to get my calcium and Vitamin D.”  Think again. Pasteurized milk contains hormones and antibioitics.  It also has been linked to cause allergies and immune problems.  So here are two options… drink raw milk or use non dairy milk alternatives (hemp, almond, coconut milk) and supplement with Green pasture cod liver oil for your Vitamin D.


7) “GMOS are safe. ” Genetically engineered foods are the most dangerous foods on the planet, our body can not process and recognize these altered substances.  Soy, corn, cottonseed are all genetically modified in processed foods.   Recognize produce that is gentically modified by the 8 before the number.


8) Lunch meats are a healthy choice.  All processed meats contain nitrates and PAHs, which are linked to increase risk of cancer.  Choose grassfed chicken or beef for lunch instead, it is a healthier option!