I have been working with Rebecca for 1/2 a year and love the results! As a nutritionist she has helped me eat better which in turn has helped me loose weight and inches, sleep better, feel better mentally and make healthier choices for myself and my children! Rebecca came to a specialty market with me and my daughter to help us find healthy alternatives and she shared recipes with us! Rebecca introduced me to daily protein shakes as well as a 14 day detox and kept me accountable by submitting a weekly food journal. Rebecca also paired me with a trainer she works with for two fitness challenges. I highly recommend Rebecca as she is so knowledgeable, helpful, inspirational and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients.

Susan B.

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 7 years ago, 6 months after the birth of my daughter, 4 months after getting the Mirena IUD. I had been breast-feeding, eating well, and working out, yet weighed almost as much as I did when I went into labor. After starting levothyroxine, I immediately lost 20 pounds.

2 years ago, I had my IUD removed. 2 days later, I had a renal infarct. I was hospitalized for 1 week, and started on blood thinners. My blood work was questionable for antiphospholipid syndrome.

My weight gain returned, as did brain fog, fatigue, stomach issues, migraines, insomnia, anxiety, etc. I was in and out of doctor’s offices. I had 3 miscarriages. I finally got the official diagnosis of APS. However, my endocrinologist refused to guide me in my symptoms. I felt like none of my doctors were listening to me. As a nurse, it was very frustrating to know something is wrong, but then not knowing what it is, and no one really helping.

I knew I wanted to see a nutritionist, but didn’t have the energy to start. Then, on a Facebook thread, I found Rebecca. I thought, why not? It was the best decision I could have made!

I reached out to her on Facebook, and she immediately got back to me. We set up a phone appointment. She listened to my lengthy history and my goals. She told me to change me diet and she told me how to do so. She reviewed what beauty products and hygiene products I used, as well as my vitamins. She gave me pointers and recommendations, including supplements.

She had me send her my food diaries. The food diaries showed me my progress and how foods/work made me feel and how I felt through the day. If I had a question about a food or a product, I could message her and she would get right back to me. Her support helped me help myself.

The weight started coming off. My fatigue went away. I could be the mom/wife/nurse/friend that I was before all of this. I made time for myself too, which she also told me was important. I felt great.

Next came the shake detox. No coffee. I didn’t think I could do it, especially working 12 hour shifts in the hospital, but, I did it, again with her support. I had trouble initially, but after talking to her, I felt better and I got through.

Over that past 2 months, Rebecca has helped me get back to me. No one else was able to do this! Her support and guidance helped me help myself. I learned, at the age of 37, finally how to eat. I have felt better these past 2 months than I have in years.


I met Rebecca through my health club 6 months ago. I was suffering with low grade lupus, hoshimotos hypothyroidism, vesitubular migraines, vertigo, chronic fatigue and extreme weight gain.

My symptoms started about 3 years ago after a scheduled myomectomy.  I never seemed to quite fully recover and began being diagnosed with one issue after another.  I had a positive ANA, my WBC and inflammatory markers were all high and I found out my thryroid was not  functioning at all. Needles to say MD after MD and one medication after another that I had allergic reactions to, three years went by and I had no real solutions to my problems.

In June of 2015 I hit rock bottom and needed to take a leave of absence from work to try and get my health back.  I wasn’t able to function with chronic sores in my mouth, flu like symptoms and the list went on. I finally decided that the medical doctors were not helping and I needed to try something much more holistic.  So when I met Rebecca and she told me about her background of working with people that suffer with chronic autoimmune to help get them on the right track with diet & supplements. I felt as though I finally met the right person.

Well that feeling quickly became reality.  Rebecca removed things from my diet that she suspected were the cause of my inflammation. She put me on a detox and then put me on a supplement regimen to help aid digestion, reduce inflammatory symptoms and help with my sleep! She helped coach me through it all.  She took me grocery shopping, explained what to look for on prepackaged foods, gave me the right foods to eat for inflammation, raided my pantry and most importantly she was always right there for me when I had a question or needed additional support!

More than just the nutritional aspect she recommended some other things for healing such as acupuncture and meditation.  Neither of which did I believe in, well I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Within 4 months, I lost 25lbs and most all of my chronic symptoms disappeared!!! This was the first time in 3 years I had any relief and began to feel like I was back in the mix of everyday life again. Feelings of depression went away.  The feeling that I was again sitting in the  driver’s seat and in control of my life again was the best gift anyone could have ever given to  me!

Because of Rebecca and her commitment, support, resourcefulness & guidance I have my life back! Today she is much more than my nutritionist, she has become my close friend. A friend that I am ever so grateful to have in my new, healthy and fulfilling life! Thank you Rebecca!!! 🙂


For months I had been struggling with digestive issues. I was in and out of the hospital and had been to several doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong. My neighbor recommended that I speak to Rebecca and she was so eager to help. After explaining to her what was going on, Rebecca was able to figure out a plan that would help my digestive issues. With several changes and eliminations of foods in my diet, along with added supplements I began to feel better so quickly! Rebecca always checks in to see how you are doing and makes sure you are staying healthy. Rebecca is so knowledgeable and without her I don’t think I would have felt better as quickly as I did! I am so thankful that she was able to help!  Thank you so much Rebecca!


 After three year of multiple doctor’s visits, prescriptions, topical acne treatment with very questionable ingredients and a lot of cover-up, I am happy to say that I am acne free, and it’s all because of Rebecca. After one phone call, she hit the nail on the head and helped me figure out how some of the foods I was eating were not serving my body, and helped me find simple ways to give my body what it needed to heal. She is attentive, thoughtful and thorough in answering questions that I have. I have learned so much in working with her in the last few weeks. If you’re struggling with skin issues, I can’t recommend her enough. I am so thankful I stopped having to spend money on expensive skincare and instead invested in helping to heal myself from the inside out with Rebecca. She’s made me feel 100 percent comfortable in my own skin again 🙂

Stephanie , 32 yrs old

I love Rebecca! What else can I say?! Rebecca has been amazing on my weight loss journey and my health journey. Originally, I contacted Rebecca to get rid of the college weight but she ended up changing my entire relationship with food, health and exercise. She has now helped me drop weight, get into fitness, got me through a pregnancy to lose that weight and even feeding my toddler. I am thoroughly enjoying myself on this journey to health and wellness! Which is why I say to you try her for yourself, she’ll be the motherly best friend you never knew you needed!

These past few months have been a blessing. I have been able to pair up with a talented Nutritionist instead of using traditional medicine for my illness and injuries. After so many reactions from Western medicine I was at my wits end. The healing process with Herbs and Nutrition was a bit slower but not by much & the results are far more rewarding <3 

Rebecca Messina is a talented and patient Holistic Nutritionist that works with your dietary needs and restrictions. Having come from a mostly Vegan lifestyle I was very resistant to using animal products again. Rebecca, assisted me in finding the most humanely raised animal products – which helped me cope with any guilt surrounding this transition. I’m pretty picky when it comes to Nutritionists because I prefer ones that understand the link between the gut’s microbiome and the physiology of the skin….. So naturally 

I was overjoyed when she suggested vital proteins and even bone broth to help support digestion, help with my arthritis and give my skin more radiance! In addition to all this her energy is very warm and happy   

Anyone looking for an all encompassing Holistic Health experience – please reach out to her!

Emily Karavatakis

I’d like to thank Rebecca Messina for not just doing a job that you’re getting paid to do, but for making me feel like you cared about it, and about me. Everyone has a paid job, but not everyone lives their passion. Thank you for inspiring me to be better to myself, for helping me set goals and habits that will last a lifetime, and for the support throughout this challenge. I’ve lost weight and fat yes, but most importantly, I’ve gained better eating habits, a positive mental attitude and motivation to continue living a healthier lifestyle. It’s people like yourself that inspire others to reach their greatest potential. With gratitude ❤️??

Agapi Emirdes

Seeing Rebecca weekly as my nutritionist has improved my health and kept me motivated to stay healthy. After suffering from exhaustion and depression and not wanting to go on medication I turned to supplements for thyroid and adrenal exhaustion. I feel like myself again. Thank you.

Angela Rivera

Working with Rebecca helped me lose 22 lbs. I feel better and my energy level has improved greatly. At Simply Healthy Living, I learned to eat smarter by incorporating whole foods, more fruits and vegetables and eliminating processed foods to maintain a healthy life style. Her enthusiasm and personality made it easy to achieve my goals and would highly recommend her.

Garrett Guiles

For years I dealt with painful digestion problems. I went to doctor after doctor for tests and was told nothing was wrong. After being referred to Rebecca by a friend, she took the time to listen to me and fully understand my problems. Together, we developed a meal and supplement plan. After a joint visit to the grocery store, and several easy recipes I better understood all the different types of food and was cooking healthier meals for myself. It was unbelievable how quickly I felt better and am truly grateful for her help. If it wasn’t for Rebecca I would still be dealing with digestive problems.

Amanda Telesca

Three years ago I had open heart surgery for a heart aneurism. With exercise, I bounced back relatively fast for such a major procedure. But, after an annual check up with my doctor, I was informed of high levels of blood pressure and cholesterol and low vitamin D count. After two years of prescriptions and treatment with unsatisfactory results, I approached Rebecca for help.After a full evaluation of my health issues, life style and exercise regimen- Rebecca was able to identify my needs and assist me, a stubborn 60-year-old man, with the necessary changes. Her personalized program was a combination of supplements and adjustments to my diet.

After a year of working with Rebecca, I am happy to report that I am feeling better than ever. Both my blood pressure and cholesterol are down and my vitamin D levels are up!! I would recommend Rebecca in the highest regard.

Gregory P. D’Auria

Rebecca has guided me towards making healthier food choices and using natural supplements that have helped regulate my bowels and assist in my circulation. Her help has been imperative in helping me feel my best at 94.

Norman Meyerson

Before meeting Rebecca I didn’t really have much of a life other than work. I was afraid to go out of my apartment with the fear of getting sick. I saw several doctors and took many tests and they could never tell me why I was always feeling sick to my stomach and just prescribed pills that never worked. My mother’s co-worker recommended Rebecca because her daughter had similar problems and Rebecca helped her. After my first appointment, within days of following her diet recommendations I felt like a different person. Rebecca did in 1 visit what Doctors could not do in years, she gave me my life back! I definitely would recommend Rebecca Meyerson to anyone that has a digestive or stomach issue or just wants to learn how to eat and be healthier.

Jenny Ball

In our first meeting, I informed Rebecca that I was sluggish, tired and had digestion issues. After she provided me with the necessary vitamins and probiotics I felt more energetic with improved digestion and my skin looked healthier. After eight months of counseling I had lost twelve pounds and felt revitalized. I have always loved to cook, but by working with Rebecca, she’s taught me new recipes made with all natural ingredients that I truly get excited to make! When I go to the store to grocery shop, I buy fresh ingredients and find myself staying away from the processed foods. I am no longer taking prescriptions for my anxiety and am happily following Rebecca’s recommendation of B12 and stress packs. Rebecca’s professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.

Laney Pilpel

I was referred to Rebecca when I was at my wits’ end with my stomach problems. Prior to Rebecca, I was seeking multiple doctors’ help for years who could not figure out my constant nausea. My results from Rebecca’s plan with the right vitamins and incorporating nutrients I was lacking in my diet were almost immediate. My experience with her has truly been life changing. My stomach problems have not only subsided, my energy level has increased, and my once high anxiety levels have become almost non-existent. For the first time in a while, I feel like I am back to myself and can once again make the most of everyday and enjoy my time with family and friends. I feel great again. I can’t recommend enough a healthy approach on any digestive, anxiety, or energy issues as it’s probably as simple as getting the right nutrients back into your day.

Nicole Puddester

Rebecca has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and health. Not only did she teach me how to improve my diet and lifestyle, she listened to my specific concerns and tailored our sessions to address them. Rebecca exposed me to many foods I might never have thought to try or didn’t know how to prepare. Learning about their health benefits has motivated me to change the way I cook and eat every day. I feel better than ever and am now enjoying much improved and more consistent energy levels. Thank you, Rebecca, it’s been a pleasure working with you!

Karen Rihs

I was feeling worn out, sluggish and was dragging around extra pounds since my kids were born (who are now 12 and 15 – crazy!). I turned to Rebecca to see if she could help. Her combination of a cleanse as a kick start and then deliveries of healthy dishes and smoothies to control my appetite and rev my energy worked amazingly well! I have stayed steady in my weight loss and energy gain for over a year now! I had tried lots of other options, but having her as part of the equation as a cheerleader and advisor really helped. Her meals (and the leftovers) were also so helpful to get some vitamins into my kids in the work/life juggle. Would highly recommend her programs to anyone!

Susan Wilminck

Working with Rebecca has been incredibly eye-opening and really great. She is knowledgeable about all sorts of products for everything from food, make-up and beauty products to cleaning supplies for your home. I started working with Rebecca prior to trying to conceive my first child and continued to work with her through a very difficult miscarriage and then a second pregnancy, which resulted in my beautiful baby boy. Rebecca was always there to be supportive and offer alternative suggestions to keep me healthy throughout the entire process. She was never judgmental if you “fell off the wagon” and instead offered ideas that would fit into my specific day to day life so goals were achievable. As I mentioned, her expertise went beyond food and supplements and her approach to health is truly holistic. I would absolutely recommend Rebecca to others seeking a healthy lifestyle!

Adrienne Landis

Rebecca is exactly what I was looking for in a nutritionist: someone who is not only  knowledgeable, but who also listens. She uses her knowledge and her experience to work individually with her client, and she keeps trying to make things work. No matter what issue I have, I can ask her for advice, and she gives it generously and intelligently.

Joan E

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  1. Rebecca is amazing! She has changed my relationship with food and thus myself. I initially met Rebecca and thought i will just do one of those quick fixes but almost 3 years later were still going strong! She has gotten me through so much from my pregnancy and losing my weight quickly postpartum without losing my milk supply while breastfeeding!! Rebecca has helped my family in countless ways helping my husband lose weight as well as getting my picky eater to a highly sophisticated palette- now any mealtime is a breeze.

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