How many times did you sneeze today?

Are your allergies getting the best of you? Spring is here and the pollen may be getting the best of you.  Many people are sneezing, complaining their allergies are worse then ever before. Here are some natural ways to help you from suffering:   1) Neti pots: It simply flushes out your sinus’ with warm […]

A Lakeshore Retreat Under the Stars!!

An Evening Under The Stars   Come join myself and Scott Heller for the best event of the summer! 4th of July weekend will be more than just fireworks, it’ll be good food, good exercise and plenty old fun! Heller High Water is a five bedroom, two and a half bathroom water front property retreat […]

Are your hormones causing you to over eat and store excess weight?

Here are some tips for hormone balancing food choices…   Choose low glycemic food to stabilize your insulin levels.  Insulin has a huge effect on hormones in our body.  These include proteins, non starchy vegetables, and fruits that are not too sweet such as berries, apples, and pears. Protein (chicken, fish, meat, eggs) should be eaten […]