Some major toxic ingredients to avoid



It is not only important to clean up our diets buy purchasing organic food off the dirty dozen list, however knowing the products we put on our body could be beneficial to our health.


1) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS) – may damage skin’s immune system.  This is found in baby body washes, baby shampoos, shaving cream

2) DEA, MEA, and TEA- all hormore disrupting chemicals can form cancer causing nitrates.  These are found in detergents, body lotions, cleansers and shampoos

3) Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)- carinogenic petroleum ingredient that reduces skins natural moisture.  This is found in diaper creams and deoderant

4) Sodium Hydroxide- this is found in drain cleaners.  This may cause blindness, avoid contact with skin, eyes, mouth.

5) Triclosan- antibacterial that is suspected to cause cancer. It is found in anti bacterial hand washes and cleansers

6) Parabens- (methyl, ethyl, proply ) are weakly estrogenic.  They are found in baby wipes, facial wipes, body lotions

7)Isopropyl-(ingredients beginning or ending with prop)- drying irritating and makes you vulnerable to baccteria and viruses.  One of the three ingredients common to all cancer tumors.  Found in lotions and deoderants

8)Color pigments-  from coal tarcan cause depletion of oxygen and skin irritation.  They are found in baby products, deoderants, and lotions


This information is detailed and may be confusing, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Overall, it is important to know your ingredients because they can be causing more harm then good!