Simply Healthy Living’s Packages:

Initial Consultation (60 minutes) $150

In our initial consultation, we will review medications, current supplementation exercise regimen, diet and your health goals. We will begin to discuss how to improve your health through lifestyle and diet changes.

Grocery store tour (75 minutes) $150

To make changes in your health, you must change the way you grocery shop. We will help you navigate through the store to find the most nutritional foods available. You will leave with a variety of new products that will upgrade your kitchen with a new pantry.

6 month program (12 sessions- 45 minutes/each) $1379

We create customized programs to cater towards each individual’s wants and needs because everyone is unique. We work together to identify the health concern and root of the issue: whether it is ADD, blood sugar issues, depression, digestion, eating disorders, fatigue, food allergies, hormone imbalances, or weight management. Our bimonthly visits will discuss individual goals, food, counseling, menu planning, exercise programs, tips for eating out, cooking lessons & recipes, balancing your pH, blood type eating and 21 day purification program.

3 month program (6 sessions- 45 minutes/each) $749