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    1. My name is Sofija Duic and I am one of the team members that works with I wanted to talk to you about, and let you know that we are a premier source of information for parents and grandparents in Rockland County and its surrounding areas. With a reach of over 17,000 readers monthly we boast a myriad of services for businesses like yours.

      In October of 2017, we held our third annual “Costume Swap for a Cause” which was a great success, and we were able to raise money for an amazing cause (Smiles from Joey). We held our very first Breakfast with Santa event this past December 2016 and sold it out to 315 attendees with rave reviews, as well as the most recent Brunch with Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt in Early April of 2017. And for 2018 have a lot of new and fun events planed for families in and around the area (brunch with bunny, valentines dinner date night, another costume swap etc), where we help to raise even more money for some amazing local charities.

      I would love to see if you would be interested in being a directory member with our webpage? It is truly a low cost for a 1 year membership (less than $10 a month), with amazing perks. We have an amazing page for Family Services ( Between Megan, Catherine and I, we are on many Facebook pages across Rockland County and continue to promote our members by “tagging them” in posts looking for services and such. This could be a great opportunity for you to help grow your business. I have placed the information below and would love the opportunity to talk to you more about it, if you are interested.

      Directory listing $100 a year
      Your business logo or a picture of your business will go up with a small description as well as your contact information. You are then able to post on our Facebook page once monthly with any specials you may be running.

    2. Hi,

      I thought I should send you a quick message because I love the work you’re doing on Simply Healthy Living and it goes hand in hand with some of our current projects. At Sleep Help, we promote awareness of sleep health and wellness. Recently, my team has been researching how getting a good night’s sleep reduces stress, improves our cognitive abilities, and helps our bodies heal. Here are a few of our insights:

      Sleep helps us stay focused, creative, and happy: A great night’s sleep makes us feel more energetic, but the cognitive effects run deeper than that. During sleep the brain processes new information, stores long-term memories, creatively connects pieces of information, and regulates chemicals like serotonin that influence our moods.

      Sleep restores the body as well as the mind: During the deepest phases of sleep, our body releases human growth hormone, reduces inflammation in damaged tissues, shores up our immune system, and produces new cells. Sleep-deprived athletes have reported slower rates of healing from muscle injuries, and insomniacs are more susceptible to infections diseases.

      We aren’t getting enough sleep: Nearly every demographic group reports that they’re getting a less than ideal amount of sleep. Rates of sleep deprivation keep rising as more people are playing on their phones before bed, working late into the night, or staying up worrying. Fortunately, a few simple changes to sleep hygiene can make a huge difference in sleep length and quality.

      We’d love to help spread awareness about these issues, so if you’re interested in having one of our writers create a guest article for your site, let me know!


    3. Rebecca:
      I’ve finally had the opportunity to review your website. My biggest challenge is eating sweets and I am a stress eater. If we can set some time soon to speak, that would be great. I guess we can discuss your plan during the 1/2 hour consultation.



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