Are your allergies getting the best of you?

Spring is here and the pollen may be getting the best of you. Many people are sneezing, complaining their allergies are worse then ever before. Here are some natural ways to help you from suffering:
1) Neti pots: It simply flushes out your sinus’ with warm water and salt. It should be done twice a day, especially after being outdoors.

2) Eat local honey and it vaccinates the body against allergens, making the body accustomed to their presence.

3) Take Omega 3′s…whether it is flax-seed, walnuts, hemp seeds, or wild caught cold water fish. Omega 3′s help fight inflammation.

4) Add wasabi, horseradish and hot pepper to your food. They help with decongestion.

5) Stinging nettle is an antihistamine- inhibits body to produce histamine.

6) Removing pasteurized dairy is an excellent idea. Many people can not digest dairy, and experience allergies b/c pasteurization denatures the proteins. Raw milk (although hard to find) does not have the same effects.

7) Incorporate foods with probiotics such as kimchi, kombucha, kefir, fermented cabbage.

8) Lastly, eliminating sugar and grains will help with seasonal allergies along with many other things such as digestion, bloating, clearer thinking.