My Philosophy

At Simply Healthy Living we create customized programs supporting the unique needs and lifestyle of your family. We work together to provide the tools and guidance you need to eat and prepare delicious foods that nurture your family’s health, vibrancy and well-being. We believe that local, organic and whole foods are the foundation for healing and energizing your body. We support you in making sustainable changes that are personalized and based on your dietary choices and likes. We create nutritional plans reflective of the foods you enjoy. We partner with you and bring our heartfelt commitment to sharing your journey.

As a client of my wellness program, you will benefit from:

  • Set and meet specific goals that are empowering and right for you.
  • Nutritional guidance that supports health, healing, vibrancy and a joyful relationship to food.
  • Gain the confidence and competence to prepare simple meals that nourish your family‘s well-being and lifestyle.
  • Become knowledgeable about the relationship between the foods we choose to eat and our health, healing and energetic living.
  • Understanding and support around specific health and weight management issues.
  • Discover how to let go of sugar cravings with nutrient dense whole foods.
  • Take a market tour to gain knowledge about healthful food choices.
  • Address through nutrition blood sugar, ADD, Depression, Digestion, Eating Disorders, Fatigue, Food allergies, Hormone imbalances.
  • Detox and cleanse your body.
  • Tips for eating out.
  • Pantry make over

Our time together includes:

  • One hour sessions as often as you like.
  • 90 minute grocery store tour.
  • All the tools, handouts and guidance you need to attain your goals.
  • Choice to meet in your home to prepare simple, delicious meals.
  • Optional pantry makeover
  • Long distance counseling is available by phone.