About Rebecca

Rebecca Messina is the founder of Simply Healthy Living and is a Certified Nutrition Counselor with a Masters in Nutrition and Food and Exercise Science. Rebecca combines her educational background with holistic philosophies and incorporates nutrition based on her client’s individual needs.

Simply Healthy Living was founded to counsel adults and children to help them achieve optimal health and vibrancy given their unique physiology. After a consultation and periodic meetings our client’s have overcome their challenges around; obesity, mood changes, eating disorders, low energy levels, blood sugar issues and hormone imbalances.


Rebecca’s Credentials

Masters in Nutrition, Montclair State University

Rebecca enjoyed a career in advertising for fashion until deciding to follow her passion and earn her Master’s in Nutrition and Food Science. The emphasis in this program was nutrition education where Rebecca originated a county wide program that brought healthy, safe birthday parties into class rooms. Her Master’s thesis was a research based project linking artificial sweeteners to neurological disorders. Additional projects included comparing the health and safety of bottled water to tap water.

Certification in Nutrition Counseling, American Association of Nutrition Consultants

This holistic program furthered Rebecca’s dedication to food as a source of health, healing, vibrancy and medicine.

Certification in Nutrition and Exercise Science, Montclair State University

Rebecca’s interest in the connection between exercise and well-being brought her to earn her certification in nutrition and exercise science. Her focus was to understand the role different types of exercise have on their body and impact on their health.

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